Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Random Thoughts

I have more to do today than three people could get done, so I'm going on with the understanding that lots of stuff won't get done. One thing I need to do for my own sanity is a post here. So here goes.

  1. I want to read "Getting Things Done," but I have too much to do.
  2. My sermon isn't even going to be started until Saturday.
  3. Why do people assume that you are doing only what they know you are doing, and that therefore you have some free time? They don't have any idea of the other six projects I'm involved with, each just as time-consuming as the one they know about.
  4. I'm getting better at saying "No."
  5. I'm getting better at asking for help.
  6. Ya gotta have friends (see #5). One friend offered to do my laundry--I talked her into working the church's bingo night instead!
  7. My daydreams these days involve three hours of free time with a good book and a full pot of coffee, instead of a deserted beach and a tall cool colorful drink. I'm trying to be realistic.
  8. Do funeral directors know how sensitive their work is? Depending on the attitude of the funeral director and funeral home, the time of mourning can be hell or can be made easier. It is so crucial to have someone who can read the family and be supportive in ways that they need (and each family is different). Some clearly understand it, and others should be clocked upside the head. At the moment, I'm dealing with a very good director. Thank you, God!
  9. The sermon topic--Exile (I'm off-lectionary for a few weeks)--will certainly resonate on many levels this week.
  10. There is no such thing as a part-time pastor. Some pastors may be paid for part-time work, but not one pastor of my acquaintance has ever actually worked just 20 hours a week.


Reverend Dona Quixote said...

Exile ... hmm, will borrow that for next year ... especially as an old style liberal democrat living in BushWorld ...

RP, a hearty "amen" to no such thing as a part time pastor ...
I have started telling people more about how I spend my time [to the degree I can without breaking confidentiality] ... and some of them actually get it. Sadly, only some. If I work only the hours I am contracted for, I should have three 8 hour days and a 6 hour day --which would be 3 days off! Of course, ministry doesn't work that way. It can't ...

Questing Parson said...

About the sermon preparation. An old pastor told me early on the best time to prepare the sermon was after the 11:00 Saturday night news. That way, the week's over and the mind's clear.

As for that part-time part. Tell me about it. The bishop asked me the day after I retired, "Would you supply that church part-time until I can find someone?" That was three years ago. Either I'm easy or the bishop is slow.

Rainbow Pastor said...

Hey RDQ!
I do keep track, in a general way, of the time I spend doing "church work." Sometimes it gets tricky to figure out if something is for the church or not (email, for example, when I answer three personal emails and five for the church...). But at least it's an estimate, and the Board can see that I'm actually putting in 35 hours instead of 20 or whatever.

And it's a fine line, too--I don't want them to get used to my working extra time "for free," because then it will be harder to renogotiate my contract. On the other hand, there's so much to be done!


I'm guessing it's that the bishop is slow...

Sue said...

My partner was a funeral director for 20 years before beginning long term disability. The answer is that some funeral directors (like my partner) care a lot. They are aware that what is a routine funeral for them is a monumental tragedy for the family involved. But, as in any field, there are some insensitive people. They usually don't last long and end up in another profession.

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