Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Phrase Meme

Once again, the RevGals have the best meme for a Friday. Here are my tongue-in-cheek definitions for these British terms:

Adverse Camber: A cranky mountain climber. The sort who always complains about the snow, the bad food, the cold, the lack of oxygen…who has no stiff upper lip at all.

Butts Wynd: A vulgar term for the terrible storms that come down from the North Sea.

Plague Church: A congregation made up of nothing but antagonists.

Free House: Parsonage; rectory; vicarage; a home given to the pastor of a church as part of a compensation package. See also: parsonage committee; repairs.

Mind the Gap: Warning to new seminary graduates going to first pastorates in communities with theologies vastly different from that taught in the seminary.

P.S. And I'm proud to say that I know what each of those mean! And since my son is in the UK with his dad this week, I'm hoping he's seeing these same phrases and enjoying them!


revabi said...

I think your Plague Church, free house, and mind the gap go together.
Well played

Songbird said...

Well played! I like the warning in your "free house."

Kathryn said...

Very impressed at your bilingual knowledge...none of us here in the Curate's house had encountered Butts Wynd, though we've established its real definition without too much angst!
Specially enjoyed Adverse Camber

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