Another day in River City...

This week is almost a letdown after all the excitement of last week. Yes, I’ve been busy with meetings and worship preparation and so on, but it’s feeling a bit flat. There’s not the anticipation of Easter to look forward to—it’s all over and been done.

Although I should be enjoying this coming weekend—DP and I are off to visit my mother, Mr. M. in tow (the cats don’t travel well). We have no especial plans for the weekend, just relaxing and talking, sleeping late Saturday, visiting friends, that sort of thing. I think it’s probably just what I need!

And today is a very special day—on this date a few years ago, the world was graced by the appearance of DP! We’re having a special dinner tonight, and NO MEETINGS! Wa-Hoo! Considering how we celebrated my birthday, this will be positively sedate in comparison…

It’s finally feeling like spring, so I’m sharing this spring photo with you…

This is a Tintinnabulation iris, a variety of German bearded iris, and one of my favourites.


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