Monday, April 24, 2006

We’re baaaack!

DP and I had a wonderful weekend with Mom. We had nothing scheduled at all—except church on Sunday, of course. So we went to one of the out-of-the-way parks near Lansing to see the wildflowers blooming and the river flowing, and enjoy the sunshine. Wonderful!

Saturday DP and I went to Ann Arbor, where I attended UM for a couple of years, ‘round about the Stone Age. If course it has changed a great deal—stores closed or moved, new buildings, others gone. But my favourite lunch place (Cottage Inn) was still there!

In the afternoon, we came back to Lansing, because the neo-Nazis were rallying on the front steps of the Capitol and we (DP, the journalist!) wanted to check it out. More on that in another post…

We spent the evening talking with Mom, making family plans for the summer…I’m officiating (with my brother-in-law) at the wedding of one of my sisters. Here’s ironic—it will be in Massachusetts, the one state to allow same-sex marriage, and it will be heterosexual—my first! Not sure what to do with that, besides make the observation.

Sunday we went to church of course—the same church I grew up in. I went there for almost twenty years. And then, after a leisurely lunch at Mom’s, we drove back in the pouring rain to River City—and a zillion emails and a few phone messages. I have to hand it to my church, though—they didn’t call or email me once! They understand that vacation means “gone and unavailable.”

I feel recharged and at least a bit rested. And I’m trying to take today off, too…

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