Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lost and Found FIlm

This has absolutely nothing spiritual or theological about it today.

I have loved to take pictures for a long time. And then I met DP, who is a professional photographer. And it seemed kind of--redundant, I guess, for me to take photos, with her around. It's not anything she's done--in fact, she's encouraged me to keep on taking pictures. After all, we each have our own "style," so there's no reason not to take our own pictures of events or trips or whatever. But I haven't.

However, I finally had film developed that had been in my camera so long I didn't even remember what was on it. Some of the photos were from a trip we took to California three years ago! Anyway, here are a couple of the best.

This is Daughter Brat Cat guarding Mr. M's food for him. (Not artistic, but cute!)

These are the morning glories on our friends' patio in Malibu.

This is the beach in Santa Barbara, a city we loved. Can we live there, pretty please?

And now I want to start taking photos again.

The fun thing was that because I had forgotten what was on the film, all the photos were a surprise!

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