Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Five and Farewell for a Few Days!

Here's my Friday Five!

My Favourite:

1) fruit: apples! Especially a nice crisp Roma. Apples are so versatile--cook with them, just eat them, smear 'em with peanut butter, munch on them with some cheddar cheese on the side...

2) song: Hmm. The music we use for consecration has been running in my head, but I'm not sure it's my favourite. The hymn "In the Midst of New Dimensions" has a lot of meaning for me right now.

3) beverage: Vernor's Ginger Ale! If you're not from Michigan/Southwestern Ontario, you just don't understand...

4) shoes: Docksiders--today! Tomorrow it may be my Tevas or my clogs.

5) flower: Irises, hands down! I like most bulb flowers (except allium, for some reason, although I love to eat garlic, which is in the same family), but something about irises just gets me. German bearded, Persian, Japanese...if it's an iris, I probably like it.

There--the Friday five, ON Friday. I'm frightening myself...

But then, DP and I are off to my mother's for a weekend of relaxation. Mr. M is joining us--he loves trips to "grandma's"--but the cats stay home. They hate the car.

May you all have a blessed weekend, with everything good!

And just for my online friends, here's my absolute favourite iris--Batik.

1 comment:

LutheranChik said...

Another Vernor's fan! Awright! You haven't really tasted ginger ale if you haven't tasted Vernor's, IMHO.

Have a great weekend, RP!

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