Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Five: Procrastination

You KNEW I had to do this one, didn't you? All together now: "My name is (Name), and I'm a procrastinator." "Hi, (Name)!"

1. Surf the Internet. This is great for when I'm trying to write the sermon and nothing's happening. I can pretend I'm checking for commentaries, or for relevant news stories to use as illustrations, or looking at the comment boards, or any number of things. Even when I'm not doing the sermon, I can "plan worship for next week," or "research for the Bible study," or even "check email."

2. Blog. 'Nuff said.

3. Run errands. I have to get them done so I can settle in and work on whatever it is that I'm putting off. Right.

4. "It's too early/too late to call." For some reason, I have difficulty with "cold calls." Not calls to members who are shut in, or people I know that I need to talk to, but people I don't know that I should talk to, make an appointment with, etc.

5. Chores like dishes, laundry, etc. Not that they don't need to be done--they just don't need to be done right then. "Oh, look! Three mugs and a spoon in the sink! I'd better wash them up!" That sort of thing.

Things I DON'T do to procrastinate: Scrub the bathroom. Read a book (I'm not sure why--you'd think it was a natural). Play with the dog/cats. Take a walk. Do my nails. Lose paperwork. Mow the lawn. Groom the dog (I procrastinate on this one--it's too cold/hot outside, I don't want to groom him inside because of the hair, I have my good clothes on--I got a million excuses, until the poor dog looks like a cottonwood tree in full moult).

I've also got a milion reasons why I procrastinate, but I'll talk abut them later.

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Sue said...

Great list! Thanks for playing.

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