Thursday, April 20, 2006

LC's Alphabet Meme

(Programming note: the earlier blog from today actually was written yesterday, I just didn't get it posted until today, due to computer gremlins and my own procrastination.)

All right, here we go!
Accent: Listening to myself on the taped sermons (now available on podcast!), I'm nasal, and fairly devoid of accent, having lived in the upper Midwest, down south, overseas, and here in Canada... If anything, there's a hint of southern (y'all) with a touch of Midwest.
Booze: I prefer beer (legacy of five years in Germany), especially a local microbrew (here that would be Old Walkerville, especially their Lager). I also like a single-malt Scotch (when I'm in the money, it's McCallan's, most of the time it's Glenfiddich) if I'm contemplative. For a mixed drink, I love a Kir (Creme de Cassis and white wine, preferably champagne for a Kir Royal; but try finding a bartender that can make one, or has Creme de Cassis on hand--it's a black currant liqueur). So usually I settle for a 7 & 7.
Chore I Hate: Scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the cat's litter box (hmm, certain similarity there)
Dog or Cat: One getting-up-in-years (11) Welsh Corgi, Mr. M; two Heinz 57 cats, Mama Cat (3 years) and Daughter Brat Cat (2 years).
Essential Electronics: Laptop, CD player (car, home, office)
Favorite Cologne(s): Flowering Herbs by Bath and Body Works (sadly, it's been discontinued, and I'm almost out of the stockpile I bought when I found out three years ago that they were discontinuing it); Night Blooming Jasmine (BBW) for everyday, and Shalimar for special days
Gold or Silver: I actually prefer silver, but have more gold, since I received most of my jewelry as gifts
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan (and I still visit often)
Insomnia: Rare; usually caused by too much coffee too late in the day, or life stuff (bills, church conflict, etc,). I usually treat it by getting up and reading something mindless that will suck me in and make me forget the issue and get sleepy.
Job Title: Senior Pastor (hah--and only)
Kids: One, TO, and that's enough, thanks! (although DP has two, one of each)
Living arrangements: Rented house with a teeny lumpy back yard full of beer bottle caps, a great front porch, and the best neighbours possible (in the yellow house! They are our friends--feed the cats when we go away, bring us wine they make themselves, and show us neat places in River City; we share movies, food, and lots of good times!)
Most admirable trait: Warmth/genuineness (Least admirable trait -- bonus): Conflict avoidance
Number of sexual partners: One at a time, please!
Overnight hospital stays: Way too many: I had chronic tonsillitis in kindergarten, until I finally had my tonsils out; then I had an auto-immune disorder in fourth grade that finally resolved when I had my spleen out, and for which I was in and out of the hospital; and then I had a cesarean when my son was born
Phobias: Heights; centipedes/millipedes/other hairy things; doing math in public
Quote: "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than the fear." --Ambrose Redmoon; "You choose to play God, and the Deity points out that the post is already adequately filled." -- Dorothy Dunnett
Religion: Christian; Metropolitan Community Church built on a United Methodist foundation with various and sundry additions of Native American and Eastern spirituality
Siblings: four sisters (three older, one younger)
Time I wake up: Time my dog thinks I should be up: 6:30 am. I actually get up about 7 - 7:15 am.
Unusual talent or skill: I can't think of a single one. I'm pretty boring at parties--no ear waggling, no double joints, no famous person impressions...
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussels sprouts (although I'm picky about others, some of which I will only eat raw, like spinach and broccoli)
Worst habit: Procrastination (I'm doing it right now)
X-rays: I've had so many, I don't think they've missed a single one of my body parts (perhaps my knees?)
Yummy foods I make: Sugar cookies; Eggplant Parmesan; Chicken Oregano; Beef Burgundy; Chicken Enchiladas; Molasses cookies; Pork chop casserole; 7 - layer salad
Zodiac sign: Solid Aries

There you go!

Now, off to do some of those chores I don't hate that I have been procrastinating about!

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