Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Skin Art, Part…Whatever

Two weeks today. I’m looking forward to it; I’m nervous. I can’t wait.

I mentioned that I was getting a tattoo to some friends over the holidays, and was surprised at some of the responses. One friend, whose father had always regretted his Navy-acquired tattoos, warned me about those regrets, especially considering where I plan on having it done (on my chest, about where a pendant would hang). Another, fairly conservative friend, was dead against it. Yet another shrugged. TO was impressed (he hates needles and wouldn’t get a tattoo if his life depended on it—the last time he got an immunization, he fainted), as was Travelling Sister. I haven’t mentioned it to Mom yet.

And then one friend—Honest Lawyer—was very enthusiastic. HL is one of those friends I see maybe twice a year (we don’t live near each other any more), but every time we do get together, our connection is still there and we can talk about anything at all, pick up the threads of our last conversation and carry on. We can be very honest with each other (she really pushed me, this last visit, to think about some things in a different light), and yet we shared some intensive experiences that meant we know parts of each other in ways no one else ever will. Anyway, she was very supportive and excited about it—she wants a photo of it the moment it’s done (ah, the joys of camera phones and photo messaging!).

And Man About Town is almost as excited as I am. It’s on his calendar!

But in the meantime, there’s a board meeting, an anniversary celebration, preparations to make for a presentation at a national conference in Sister City, and one or two sermons to write. Among the usual other stuff of life, like renewing health cards and getting groceries and doing laundry and putting up pictures…

Only two weeks!!

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