Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bloom Blogging!

Well, sort of--I don't have pictures of anything at this moment, but I did do some gardening today--yay!

The rain has finally stopped, the ark it stopped a-movering, and I mowed the lawn (front and back) this morning! Amazing how much better a yard looks when you mow. DP and I then cleared up some debris and did a bit of weeding--looks ever better. We have these horrible thin thistley things (alliteration!). They don't cling tightly, but if you don't grab them just right (difficult to do with gloves on, but of course you need the gloves, they hurt like the devil if they stick you), the stem breaks off. But if you do get it just right, the root slides right out and that one's gone. We had a thicket of them around our brand-new iris plants (gifts from garden-clearing friends--thanks, guys!), but now the iris stand tall and proud--and when they bloom in a week or so, they'll look great. I'm amazed they're blooming this year, to be honest--I thought they'd need a year to settle in. We planted them in the fall, so they did have the winter.

Aren't iris amazing? The deeper you plant them, the worse they do. And they spread themselves, and look gorgeous when they bloom. Even their foliage looks great--very sculptural. Like most bulbs, you can plant them and pretty much forget them--until they've overgrown the spot you had for them and you have to lift them and give some away--as our friends did. I don't even know what colour these are...I think I was told purple or blue. My fantasy of what they will look like:

Blenheim Royal Iris

Once they do bloom, I'll post a photo, and we'll see how right I was!

I have the sermon pretty much written (except for the usual last-minute editing on Sunday morning), and I've done my yardwork, so I can relax the rest of the day! And a potluck dinner tonight!

We're taking cake, I think.

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