Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday night

Yep. Still Wednesday night.

I'm staring at the computer screen, with nothing to say. Or rather, lots to say, but can't yet, not even here in cyberspace where no one knows your name. Soon, I promise. In a week or two. And it is good news, too.

Let's see--reading. What am I reading currently? Well, I'm reading "Original Blessing" by Matthew Fox (still in the introduction). I'm finding myself nodding furiously so far. Let's hope it continues. I'm also reading "Changing Ones," by Will Roscoe, on the role of alternative genders in Native cultures, and "Clergy Self-Care," by Roy Oswald. The last is published by the Alban Institute, and when I finish it, I'll write a review. So far, though, it's pretty good (i.e., realistic).

Bloom blog note: the iris are beginning to open. I should know tomorrow what they look like (of course it's supposed to rain tomorrow in River City!).

What are YOU reading?

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hipastorzwife2B said...

"Here Lies the Librarian" by Richard Peck. His "Long Way from Chicago" is one of my favorites.
He writes wonderful children's books that adults, especially seniors, love.

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