Friday Five--What I Believe

Here they are: five things I believe:

1. Jesus loves me. Not 'cause the Bible tells me so, but because I feel it in my inmost being.

2. You get what you give. If you put arrogance and anger and judgment out into the world, then you get that right back. If you put love and acceptance and at least an attempt at understanding into the world, then you get tolerance and openness back. Not necessarily from the same people, but it's out there!

3. Someday the Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup. Quixotic, I know, and I'm not even much of a hockey fan, but I know it will happen someday.

4. There is no force greater than love. Nothing. Nada. After all, God is love.

5. I am where I am for a purpose; my job is find out what the purpose is, and then fulfill it.


reverendmother said…
Good ones!
Sally said…
Oh I think we have quite a list going between us- lots of overlaps.. I love the greatest force being love... amen to that

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